City of Hatton, North Dakota


Residential Clean-Up Days

May 2nd, 3rd, & 4th

Curbside pickup requires cooperation from the Hatton High School, and a donation for this service, please make arrangements with the school prior to pick up.

  • No Household garbage
  • No chemicals, oil, batteries or tires   Paint & Stain cans must be dried up
  • All items must be separated
  • Available Dumpsters are labeled and located at City Hall parking lot
  • You will separate wood items, metal items, and appliances as you unload.
  • Mattresses are to be placed alongside the dumpster on the ground.

All Wood items, branches, grass clippings are across the street in the large lot and are also labeled.

Any questions please call:  Public Works 701-430-0454 Auditor’s Office 543-3243


***The City reserves the right to refuse any materials.***

“Equal Opportunity Provider.”